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A message from the Chairman

As Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, it is my honor and pleasure to announce the 34th Biennial Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference.

We have already secured multiple national speakers, but our primary goal is discussing the future of our incredible state. If we want to rebuild Michigan, we must be all in.

Our State has suffered incredible difficulties under the heavy hand of bad government and policy decisions that have destroyed both lives and livelihoods.

Our speakerss and leaders will discuss how to reinvigorate our state, support our Michigan businesses and business owners and ensure that we come roaring back from the disastrous year we've had.

The 2021 Conference will be held September 24-26th at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.

We will be announcing an incredible lineup of speakers, panels and events in the coming weeks. Be sure and register early and I look forward to seeing you all on the Island!


Ambassador Ron Weiser, Chairman



Michigan has been through one of the most catastrophic years of economy crushing, one-sided policy decisions in the history of the state.

This conference will highlight the very best of what Michigan has to offer. Our small businesses, our innovators, and our fighters. We will discuss the future of this state and shared commitment to unite behind core values to rebuild it.


Vice President Mike Pence

Confirmed Speaker!


RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel

Confirmed Speaker!

New Financial Initiatives To Recover from The Years of Economy Crushing

Ron Weiser stands for the better future of the state and wants to bring something new to help our residents reach financial stability. That is why new financial initiatives were taken to put people first and change their lives for the better. Let's make Michigan the place our kids want to stay to build new families, businesses, and a favorable environment.

Small Business Assistance

Developing a small business is a crucial step to overall well-being. Small businesses create new well-paid jobs, stimulate the local economy, attract investments, and develop infrastructure. Ron Weiser wants to support small business owners in Michigan by providing accessible financing they can use to start a new business or develop the one they already have. He also stands for new small business tax credit programs, paycheck protection programs, and creating a local relief fund with a blend of financing options.

Accessible Financing for Needy Families

There is a tendency in our society that families and individuals in need are more likely to have bad credit. It happens because people with low incomes face problems with fulfilling their payment obligations that affect their credit scores. Therefore, needy families usually don't have many options when it comes to additional financing. After seeking credit counseling on payday loans in Michigan from 1FirstCashAdvance, Ron Weiser came to the conclusion that we should team up with lending companies to provide fast and affordable financial assistance for those who need it most.

Affordable Healthcare

The average cost of health insurance in Michigan is about $6,800 per person. Thus, it is not the amount that some Michigan residents can afford. Moreover, health insurance policies usually can't cover all medical expenses, so residents often face high out-of-pocket costs they need to cover on their own. As healthcare is a fundamental human right, Mr. Weiser should make it more accessible to everyone. He also stands for creating free medicare programs for the vulnerable and disabled population.

Student Debt Coverages

There are over 1.4 million student loan borrowers in Michigan, with a collective debt of roughly $51 billion. State borrowers' average debt is $36,116. Young people who obtain student debt are overburdened and usually struggle with their loan payments. Most of those who have student loans are forced to leave paycheck to paycheck and don't have enough money to save. Ron Weiser believes we must help talented students by forgiving at least a part of the student loan amount to improve their standard of living. He also should pay attention to financial programs that can help us prevent high inflation.

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